The Black Knights


Formed from a smaller resistance Group, The Black Knights eventually become part of the anti-Britannia organization created by the revolutionary known as “Zero.” They have the support of Kyoto, an organization that assists anti-Britannia groups around Japan. After the collapse of the Japan Liberation Front, they join forces with the remant to build a bigger organization.

Code Geass character
Code Geass character


When Lelouch obtains the power of “Geass” and decides to use it to start a revolution in the Britannia Empire, he becomes the revolutionary known as Zero.

Code Geass character

Kallen Stadtfeld

A girl who is part of an illegal rebellion movement against the Britannia Empire. She is very feisty; she can operate a Knightmare Frame and has knowledge in martial arts as well. However, she pretends to be sickly at Ashford Academy.

Code Geass character

Kaname Ohgi

The leader of the small resistance group Kallen is in.
He was a friend of Kallen’s late brother.

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