Model: Z-01
Height: 447 cm
Weight: 6.89 tonnes

Britannian Force Development team’s newest weapon. It is a seventh generation Knightmare Frame that was developed by Llyod. The ratio of sakuradite in the “core luminous”, the center of the Yggdrasil Drive (the source of power of Knightmare Frames), is high and that is where it gets its high combat skills. There are also various places in the body where sakuradite is used, and therefore surpasses the ability of the Knightmare Frames before it. However, because of this it restricts its pilot options. It is equipped with two SLASH-HARKENS and two FACT SPHERES. The MASER VIBRATION SWORD (MVS) equipped on the two sides of the cockpit slashes its prey using high-frequency oscillation. The VARIS (a rifle, short for Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire) can control the repulsion of its ammunition.



Model: RPI-13
Height: 439 cm
Weight: 7.48 tonnes

Fifth generation Knightmare Frames that were developed as a result of the success of the Glasgows. It has improved cockpits, and could now use the land spinners better. Overall the mobility improved. It is currently the most used Knightmare Frame in Britannian Forces. It is equipped with STUN-TONGPHER, SLASH-HARKEN, and ASSAULT RIFLE.
RPI… Royal Panzer Infantry



Glasgows that were reconstructed for police use. It has a flasher in the upper part of the cockpit.




Model: RPI-00/SC
Height: 483 cm
Weight: 7.85 tonnes

A fifth generation Knightmare Frame that was developed by making improvements to the Sutherland. It was made with close combat against other Knightmare Frames in mind. Sometimes it dons a cape. Only Cornelia and those close to her pilot this Knightmare Frame. Cornelia’s type has huge, distinctive horns on its head. It also uses a lance.

Mass Production, Darlton, Guilford

Model: RPI-209
Height: 450 cm
Weight: 7.75 tonnes

Fifth generation Knightmare Frames that are only piloted by those closest to Cornelia. Darlton and Guilford’s Frames are burgundy in color. The normal soldiers pilot ones that are bluish-purple in color.


Guren Mk-II

Model: Type-02
Height: 450 cm
Weight: 7.52 tonnes

A Knightmare Frame that was provided to the Black Knights by Kyoto. It is based on a completely different design concept from the Britannian Knightmare Frames, and looks different accordingly. However, it has high combat skills. The cockpit is like a shaped like a motorcycle, and the pilot would straddle to board it. The long, right hand releases “radiation waves” as part of its weapon.



Zero, The Black Knights, Japan Liberation Front, Kallen

Model: Type-02
Height: 455 cm
Weight: 7.53 tonnes

Knightmare Frames that the Japanese resistance groups made by copying the Glasgow. It has the same basic features as the Glasgow. Their distinctive characteristics are the sharp horns on the head, machine guns on the chest, and guards on the hands. They were handed to the Black Knights by Kyoto. Kallen’s BURAI is red in color, and the one with the long horns are exclusively for Zero.



Model: Type 1-R
Height: 437 cm
Weight: 7.48 tonnes

Tohdoh and the Shiseiken from the Japan Liberation Front use this Knightmare Frame. There are slight adjustments to the original BURAI. The horns that droop down the back are their distinctive characteristic.



Model: RPI-11
Height: 424 cm
Weight: 7.35 tonnes

Fourth generation Knightmare Frames that were the first to be used in actual combat. It was the basis for the various Knightmare Frames that are developed later. Britannia Empire used them as their main weapon when they conquered Japan. They completely crushed the ordinary weapons Japan used. Currently it is an old model, as one can see from the declining number of use in the field. It is equipped with STUN-TONGPHER, SLASH-HARKEN, and ASSAULT RIFLE.
RPI… Royal Panzer Infantry

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