Code Geass Episodes 1 and 2 now viewable at Madman Screening Room+

Fans you can now view episodes 1 and 2 of Code Geass anytime you want! Just head on over to Madman’s Screening Room + 100% free of charge! So go on view it now or send the link it over to your friends who haven’t experienced how awesome this series is!

Go on, what are you waiting for?

  1. Aaron says:

    fascinating storyline

  2. mitch says:

    fantstic if only more series could bel iek this

  3. jovy says:

    Code Geass, it has a unique storyline..i enjoyed watching it…

  4. gerre says:

    ..i love it…

  5. graydon says:

    were can l found r2 vols at woy woy

  6. graydon says:

    where can l found code geass r2 vols at goford nsw

  7. slykura says:

    You can’t it’s not available yet. You have to wait until NOvember for volume 1 to be released.

  8. graydon says:

    sowill the fast vol jb hi if or some

  9. graydon says:

    is there a way to buy onilne r2 boxset chaep

  10. slykura says:

    No, did you not read my statement about it not being available until November?

    A boxset will not be released until all 6 volumes of season 2 is released. There are NO genuine boxsets currently available anywhere in the world that features English language of Code Geass R2. Anyone claiming otherwise is selling a fake product and should be avoided at all costs.

  11. slykura says:

    Just a note. Please do not attempt to make posts about downloading episodes on this site. It is illegal to do so and your posts will not be approved.

  12. graydon says:

    is mad man the only one sell code geass or is there a other place

  13. slykura says:

    Yes, we are the only official distributors of this title in Australia and New Zealand.

    Please wait until November.

  14. graydon says:

    can you put up all plan to come out

  15. graydon says:

    is there a web to see when it all come out to buy

  16. graydon says:

    can l pay for the dvd so when it come out l can just rock up and see it all do i have to wailt when it then buy it

  17. slykura says:

    They will be released approximately 1 volume every 2 months until we can catch up to the US release, at which point we will be switching to one volume per month.

    I.E. V1 - November, V2, January, V3, March etc.

    You will be able to view when the next volume will be available on here at and also at New volume listings appear 2 months prior to release. You will be able to pre-order it when the listings go live.

    You can pre-order at your local retailer 2 months prior to release or online at

  18. graydon says:

    i can not find wat to preorder suffe the thing i found is Code Geass Group Tee - Double Extra-large this at how you order

  19. Tim Stoker says:

    Intended for slykura and any other madman staff:
    In saying “until we can catch up” are you not simply admitting that we will indeed never catch up and always be behind the eight ball.
    I mean no disrespect and no disregard to the process, having had it explained to me over on the official forums regarding this release, I am simply (like I am with everything else in life) skeptical about it.
    If I may ask though, is there anything (outside the Madman classification, replication & Release process) which precludes a sooner release than the one already listed?
    I have more than just a passing interest with the distribution process and would very much like to understand the full array of procedures and guidelines in place.
    I would actually like to (someday) play an active role in all of the administrative functionality of a company like Madman, or even perhaps Madman itself. As anime is a huge part of my life and indeed who i am.

    Thank You everyone.

  20. graydon says:

    hey i just went in jb hi if thier said it come out next yaer

  21. anna says:

    i enjoyed lelouch’s comeback i wish there’s more code geass i love lelouch very much…… i enjoyed it very much…………..

  22. slykura says:

    NOVEMBER, We are the distributors and the people producing the DVDs so I think we know when it comes out.

  23. slykura says:

    Hi Tim,

    It goes like this. Show is produced in Japan for TV > Show is then produced for DVD with tweaks to the animation in Japan. > Show is licensed (can also be licensed prior to these processes but there’s no materials available until this time)> Show is translated, dubbed, subtitled. > Show is placed on TV (if a deal is in place). If a TV Deal is in place, there will be a hold back on DVD simply due to the fact that it does no make sense to have the DVD out as the same it’s airing on TV, it damages the potential ratings it could have, which means less TV deals for anime in the future. > Show is released on DVD in the USA and materials are available for us to use (assuming we have finalised our contracts with licensors). There is also a hold back to when we can release something in Australia. We will usually HAVE to be behind the US release date due to contract obligation and material availability.

    Once materials are available to us we then go into production. This process takes a long time from planning the DVD, getting the menus and covers designed, then getting them approved by the licensor. Repeat the process if there are changes required. We also need to send the final product for classification by the OFLC, this is a legal requirementin Australia. You cannot release a product without classifying it. This process takes 1 month. After we have received classification we can then go to print / replication for the DVDs. This takes another month to press, and pack the discs it then gets to our warehouse and then is distributed to stores accordingly.

    So on our end it takes about 3-4 months to produce 1 single DVD. The classification and material availability timeframe is the reason why things can get delayed. and why we are “behind the 8 ball” so to speak. We are doing things as FAST as we possibly can already you must keep in mind that we need to have a buffer timeframe in case any part of this process goes wrong as well.

    Hope this helps.

  24. Nunnully says:

    it’s Very Perfect ! the Plot has many twist , ,

  25. Roy says:

    hmmmmm reading what slykura posted it actually seems like a really hard process but really why does it take that long like i understand it takes time but i still want to know what causes the delay in having it licensed.


  26. Roy says:

    oh and one more thing when i went to they had 9 discs of code geass some were specials and stuff will they be released into aus?

  27. slykura says:

    It’s just how it is. Business deals and priority takes time. Companies work on multiple projects and deal with multiple parties at any time, so some times it takes longer for others.

    All of the special features were on our discs spread across the extra features across the 6 discs.

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