Code Geass R2 to stream on Screening Room +!

That’s right fans the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Code Geass R2 is set to debut on DVD in November, but you’ll be able to view episodes of it online at Madman’s own Screening Room + prior to it’s release! The entire series will be streamed, one episode per week starting from October 27  and new episodes will go online every Tuesday until we have streamed all 25.

Episodes will stay online for 2 weeks only much like the streaming feature on ABC iVIEW for Season 1. So mark your calendars and set those alarms for October 27th!

  1. Grant says:


  2. noor says:

    Best anime ever made i can’t wait to watch it again

  3. noor says:

    man i wished lelouch never died the ending was so sad iwas crying

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