Code Geass T-shirts now available

Show your true colours! Support the Rebellion now by buying a CODE GEASS T-shirt! Available in 2 designs

Just type in Code Geass in the search box of and purchase one today!

  1. janta says:

    I want to end the CD.

  2. leAnN`kaLu says:

    where can i buy this one?!?is it available here in the philippines?!??!!i want to have that one!!!!!XD

  3. slykura says:

    Not really. We are an Australian based distributor so you may have to import it.

  4. E says:

    I love the first Code Geass shirt, with Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C., etc. on it.
    But I checked on the site and it’s over $30! for a t-shirt! I want it, but I don’t think I could pay that much. I can’t find Code Geass shirts anywhere though! The most I could find were some fan-made shirts with the Black Knight symbol on them, and I want a t-shirt with Lelouch/Zero on it. :/
    Also, when I was on that site I saw they have a box set (of season 2, I think), which they also have in Japan, but not the U.S. why is it on this Australian site??

  5. Sexciemayieu says:

    so how much is this?

  6. slykura says:

    Check out the product page and you will see the prices.

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