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Stage 25


As chaos engulfs the Tokyo Settlement, Lelouch confronts Cornelia atop the government building, but before he can receive the answers he seeks C.C. delivers news of Nunnaly’s capture. En route to locate his missing sister, Lelouch encounters the Knight Giga Fortress Siegfried, piloted by an enraged Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, Suzaku finds himself at the mercy of the Black Knights, trapped inside a now disabled Lancelot. When the Ashford Student Council is in danger what will Suzaku do to save them?

Stage 24

The Collapsing Stage

With Euphemia’s betrayal at the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, Zero finds his ranks swelling with the newly disenfranchised populous of Area 11. A grand march to the Tokyo Settlement soon begins and as the Black Knights arrive the rebellion begins in earnest. As Cornelia begins fortifying the settlement a sudden tremor rumbles as the floor is literally drawn out from under her, thanks to Lelouch’s careful planning, foresight and the power of his Geass.

Having learned the truth of Zero’s Geass, Suzaku sets out to find his enemy amongst the carnage of the battlefield. When the two finally face one another will Suzaku be able to overcome Kallen to finally face Zero? Will Zero liberate Japan and finally face his father?

Stage 23

At Least with Sorrow

The exhibition site is filled with horror. The Black Knights use this opportunity to attack the Tokyo settlements. Suzaku heads to the site to save Euphemia, but he is shocked at what he sees there.

The battle that will determine the future of Area 11 and Japan has begun.

Stage 22

Bloodstained Euphy

Upon Euphemia’s suggestion, the Specially Administrated Zone was approved. The Elevens are happy and surprised. Zero arrives at the celebration on his Gawain. And he faces Euphie both as Zero and as her older brother. That is when the tragedy happened!

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